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Meet the Master Craftsman

Meet the master craftsman: The man who is about to build your work of art.

Yes, this bloke likes fishing! The man you meet is the man who will hand craft your ideas in a superb feature. Explain it once knowing the person you are talking to is the person who will make it. A family of craftsmen: The legacy lives on: Renold hooker the best handicraftsman of knives in the world, creator of broadhead arrows, Rebound bows….a lifetime of working with steel, turning it into unique one-off pieces of art.

John Hooker previous places of work, a brief history of when he earned his apprenticeship, jobs he has done. There more to creating a unique piece of handrailing than just welding and drilling a few holes. The ability to think outside the square, come up with unique solutions to design problems. A track record of improving on other people's initial designs and ideas. Access to unique machinery and tools. List the types of machinery on site. Job is handled in one place.

True craftsmanship is appreciated long after the product has been installed and delivered. Feature handrails, gates and fences are prominent features on most buildings. They are touched, rubbed and felt by the owner and their guests alike. Often because they are the last item to be built, some will neglect to leave the appropriate budget to finish off the project.  Sadly that’s like building a beautiful home and then having a child paint it.

Any company can claim to possess true craftsmanship. So what defines master craftsmanship?

The Craftsman: 

Firstly the company must employ a master craftsman.

John Hooker comes from a line of craftsmen that take pride in their work long after that they completed it.

Johns father , Renyold Hooker is one of the world's leading knife makers. he stills makes a few knives Renyold also fishes to this day!